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Welcome to!  We offer the latest technology for obtaining Wifi access.  These systems are powered by 12 or 24 volts DC for easy installation in boats and RV's.  Connections are enabled with CAT-5 (ethernet) cable making long runs feasible. 

The firmware is loaded in the receiver; no discs.  The software is robust and intuitive.  Viewing and enabling connections to available Wifi transmitters can be accomplished with a few keystrokes. 
Traveling boatowners will likely determine the AS-2 provides the best performance for their application.  For RV's and boats at slips, the AS-3 will provide adequate performance where the Wifi transmitter is within a reasonable distance (a couple hundred yards).
With these systems you will be very happy with the ability to connect and the stability of your connections.  They make access to the internet a known instead of a 'maybe'.
As we travel the Chesapeake Bay we are rarely without an open transmitter to receive internet.   We can stream movies when over 5 miles from shore (note that conditions are extremely variable).  The systems are easy to install and operate on 12 volts; perfect for boats, RV's, trucks and home.  Most important, all systems are compatible with both PC and Mac computers!
Below is a screenshot of the Main Page displaying our Marina Wifi connection.  It displays signal strength, speed and many other parameters of the Wifi connection.  Below it is an example of a Site Survey where all transmitting Wifi points is shown.   Notice the "BuzzardPoint" wifi transmitter can be seen along with WEP protection. 

 Example of WifiAntennaEZ Main ScreenWifiAntennaEZ Screenshot of a Site Survey

Please be aware that antenna systems can not guarantee access to the internet, however, WIFI Antenna Easy does guarantee that you will be able to "see" available transmitters.  To access the internet there must be an open transmitter or you must have the WEP or WPA Key (basically a password) for transmitters that are encrypted.

We have heard many times "wifi antennae do not work".  We believed that until we assembled these systems!  We tried USB styles with no luck.  Our systems use technology that is designed for Wifi infrastructure.  They are designed to travel over long distances using their own power source (unlike USB that uses the small amount of power supplied by your computer).

For your best opportunity to access Wifi, we offer the best on the market.  Your System purchase includes everything to get you on the web!